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Best Church Management Software 2023 Reviews & Pricing

A communication platform that lets members and volunteers create groups, schedule activities and collaborate keeps everyone informed and connected. ACS includes a collection of church accounting apps that are specifically designed to support the financial tracking requirements of a nonprofit organization. Wave is a free option for churches with very few revenue sources.

  • Aside from scalability, IconCMO offers more extensive church management features, such as Child Check-in and Allergy Tracking.
  • Many check-in programs integrate with touch screen technology for self-service check-in.
  • Shelby Church Management and Financials products work seamlessly together to provide churches with the accessibility and security they need.
  • Having more advanced reporting on who is giving, and when, can help you solicit donations with targeted campaigns.
  • Setup begins with the creation of your unique chart of accounts that interfaces with all the other financial modules and optionally with ACS Contributions and HeadMaster.

And because it’s online, volunteers can help from anywhere, anytime. Botkeeper is an AI-powered bookkeeping software that automates financial tasks and provides real-time data insights for businesses. ZipBooks has the ability ceo salary to automate many tasks and provide real-time data which helps in better decision making. ZipBooks is also cost-effective and offers a free version which can be upgraded to the paid one for more advanced features.

Open new channels of giving and gift automation to increase donations.

With multiple ways to connect to ACS, your information is always at your fingertips. Whether online, desktop, or wireless, you’ll increase productivity and expand when and where work can be done — from the office, home, or on the road. Create unlimited custom, mobile-friendly giving forms, or add a widget to your website so people can give securely without ever having to leave your site. Giving increases when members move tithe to automated recurring giving, as tithes won’t drop when members miss a service.

  • It offers tools for tracking member information, including contact details, attendance, and giving history.
  • Aplos is specifically designed to serve the unique financial needs and dynamics of nonprofit groups and faith-based organizations.
  • In a quick glance, you can see how much cash you have on hand at any moment and how much you owe in bills.
  • However, IconCMO can be a bit cumbersome if there are a lot of windows open, but their interface within the windows significantly improved since our previous update.

However, it needs advanced accounting functions like double-entry accounting and financial statements. While it may only suit some, those seeking basic, free invoicing and billing capabilities may find Brightbook sufficient for their needs. Although a church is not run as a profit-making business, you still need to balance expenses with income from donations and other sources of revenue to keep the doors open. This accounting software is designed especially for churches and can be easily customized for your church size and the community services you provide. You can add payroll processing for $40 per month, plus $6 per employee. Our church accounting software allows you to track and tag each donation coming in or expense going out.

IconCMO: Best for Church Management, Integrated Payroll & Scalability

Other features include dashboards, custom fields, and self-managed profiles. The software supports church directory, fund management, batch entry, and group rosters. You can also save on storage, improve communication, and delegate tasks. Overall, Dext helps churches manage their finances more accurately and speedily. Using ZipBooks, you can also tag transactions, generate income statements, manage accounts receivable, and produce other financial reports. Work can be organized into projects or tasks, with time tracked accurately.


State-of-the-art, cloud-based software specifically designed to meet the needs of churches, ministries, non-profits and denominational headquarters. ACS offers multiple giving options and can be customized to match your exact ministry goals and staff needs. Aplos has everything you need in one place for streamlined nonprofit and church management.

Software Integrations:

You can confidently manage your books, financial health, and bottom line the right way, the first time and every time. Our major focus for ease of use was customer support and assisted bookkeeping options. We also considered payroll and online payment integration, as long as it was not through a third-party app. Overall, we also gave a score for subjective ease of use based on the overall experience when navigating and using the software. We evaluated how well each program provided the basic accounting features needed for church accounting.

Higher-tier solutions typically include more advanced finance features like payroll processing and advanced reporting. We found that subscription-based church accounting software typically ranges from $16 to $79 per month. However, you can still find church accounting programs going for up to $350 on the high end of the spectrum.

If your church needs an affordable payroll add-on, IconCMO is the best choice. For robust congregation management features, we recommend PowerChurch Plus because of its outstanding member profiles and church management functions. Churches can use this feature to save time (and, so, money), eliminate late fees and error-proof their accounting. You can set rules to automate your church accounting such as rules to automate payments, categorize transactions and auto-charge cards for recurring transactions. AccountEdge Pro is a small business accounting software that provides advanced financial management and inventory tracking tools.

With it, you can receive payments, automate payment reminders, send recurring invoices, track expenses and mileage, import bank and credit card payments, pull reports, customize invoices and manage contractors. Zoho’s paid plans range from $15 to $240 per month (if billed annually) and add features such as workflow automation, project-expense tracking, tax figuring, in-depth analytics and customizable reports. ZipBooks can be accessed from any device with an internet connection, making it easy for users to access their financial information from anywhere at any time.

The software has a donor management feature that allows churches to track donors, process gifts, and manage fundraising activities. This can help churches to better understand their donors, identify trends in giving, and build stronger relationships with their donors. Martus Solutions helps you build budget worksheets in the cloud, monitor conformance with budgets, and drill down into transactional level details. The pre-built planning templates are designed to engage church leaders in the planning process, while accurate, real-time data assists with analyzing budgets. QuickBooks online for churches helps you manage your finances effectively.

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Freshbooks is a cloud-based accounting system that does the work of a digital church bookkeeper thanks to automation capabilities. You can hunt around online or borrow one from other churches, like the Foursquare Quickbooks Church Template (advanced and basic versions). You can also pay for a more advanced QuickBooks church template from an accredited accountant service like Goshen Accounting, if you want to go that route. Dext aims to eliminate the problems of bad bookkeeping data, manual tasks and overwhelm.

Usability is important when selecting church accounting software because it affects the ease and efficiency with which the software can be used by church staff and volunteers. A software with good usability is user-friendly and easy to navigate, reducing the time and effort required to complete tasks and increasing productivity. Features include membership management, financial management, event management, scheduling, reporting, accounting, communication, online giving, and third-party integrations/add-ons.

QuickBooks Online Advanced

An alternative scenario is a church that has the means (usually the funding) and the motivation to pursue a new software solution. However, they need to ensure that they have the resources available to train their staff. Some churches, especially smaller churches, may have many unpaid staff members who will need to utilize the software, and training them on their own schedule can prove to be time-consuming and costly.

Lindsey Baker Bower is a writer, educator, and nonprofit professional. She has years of experience helping arts nonprofits with their fundraising messaging and strategy. AccuFund works with certified resellers to help organizations set up their products, so pricing varies by reseller.

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