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How to Emphasize Remote Work Skills on Your Resume

Focus on time management, digital communication, and other skills that showcase your ability to work efficiently from anywhere. After transitioning to a remote role, you may be wondering how to list your position on your resume. When tidying up your work experience, here is how to show remote work on a resume so you can ensure your next job hunt goes as smoothly as possible.

Choosing the best skills to put on your resume isn’t always easy, but it’s well worth the effort. By choosing which skills to put on your resume wisely and carefully, you’ll create a resume that wows employers and gives you an edge in your job search. Look at your job description, and using the same method you would to identify keywords in a job posting, identify the key skills you need for your role. This is especially important if you’re a career changer. If you naturally possess talents in the four skills above, then you’ll be off to a great start as a remote employee. Convincing a potential employer of that fact at the resume stage by emphasizing these abilities is the perfect first step to being offered a remote position.

The Future Of Remote Work

Such a high tempo of remote work can be incredibly satisfying – if you adopt a sustainable approach you will be able to keep it up for many years. At times I’ve done some drudge remote work for low pay because I saw the prospect of long-term work that could eventually pay well. The tug of war over returning to the office is in full swing. The boss has reasons for wanting you back, but the evidence is still out on whether it’s a good idea or not. Walking works especially well for me as a blend of meditation, “quiet thinking time” and movement-based stimulation.

Supercharge Your Remote Job Search With These Top Strategies – msnNOW

Supercharge Your Remote Job Search With These Top Strategies.

Posted: Wed, 11 Oct 2023 18:43:44 GMT [source]

When work becomes unbearable, seeking refuge in a new job is tempting. Is temporary relief related to taking such drastic steps worth all the risks involved? There is no juggling in ping-pong, so don’t let the balls pile up on your end of the table.

The remote job guide: job search & productivity working from home

Being proactive about taking on new projects that are proposed, or coming up with ideas yourself, are appreciated in any work environment, but even more so in a remote job. It’s being willing and able to jump on video calls to chat with your team. It’s being able to create reports that share important information with the people who need that info (and also to read reports that others have created for you). Here are some tips on how to list remote work on a resume and demonstrate your previous work experience. Do you want to receive a professional opinion about your resume?

If you’re currently in or graduated from university, you should always include your degree on your resume. Even if it’s not relevant to the job you want, a college degree is often a requirement for professional-level positions. Only list your high school education if it’s your highest degree. If you have a Bachelor’s degree or higher, leave your high school details off your resume and focus on more relevant qualifications like your work experience.

What Should You Include in a Work-from-Home Resume?

Selling your career story remotely is an entirely different proposition. The provided example shows a confident and dependable person who works remotely or hybrid and can exceed their goals. They demonstrated how successfully they apply their skills to do their work. This Digital Marketing Manager demonstrates his remote work capabilities with examples of his work. They know how to manage their time remotely and have experience collaborating and communicating with remote teams. They show that they are adaptable in changing and critical situations and can do their work expectantly.

  • • Use sites that specifically look for remote employees
    Websites like, and specialize in posting remote and freelancing jobs.
  • This is more about your ability to perform rather than your experience, so make sure that you cover all the bases.
  • Early on, he even did a town hall with the Republican Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, to just talk about how they were going to bring down the deficit together.
  • By choosing which skills to put on your resume wisely and carefully, you’ll create a resume that wows employers and gives you an edge in your job search.
  • Design elements such as headings and bullet points can call a hiring manager’s attention to certain key points while allowing them to quickly learn who you are as a candidate.

You do not have to list them all on a work from home resume – the employer will understand that you may have undertaken a plethora of roles. Remember that not every role will be right for your personal circumstances or career goals and your job search efforts should always be aligned with how to list remote work on resume your long-term objectives. We explore whether or not you should apply for that job here. Truth is, the difficulty has dropped significantly, as we outlined in the stats above. It is widely accepted, and many employer brands are seeing it as a way to attract (and retain) the best talent.

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