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The postpandemic future of work: Hybrid, remote, and whats ahead

Nearly two-thirds of U.S. workers who have been working remotely during the pandemic would like to continue to do so. In all, 35% of those who have worked remotely would simply prefer to do so while 30% would like to do so because of a concern about COVID-19. U.S. workers’ reports of the number of employees who have returned to their workplaces has risen sharply since April when a slim majority said very few (36%) or none (16%).

remote work statistics before and after covid

This percentage underscores the fact that while remote work is on an upswing, traditional in-office work is far from obsolete. When it comes to the number of hours workers are putting in, a third of those who are working from home all or most of the time say they are working more hours than they did before the coronavirus outbreak. Smaller shares of those who can do their job from home but aren’t doing so all or most of the time (23%), and those who can’t do their job from home (21%), say they’re working more hours. While large majorities of workers across age groups say they use video calling or online conferencing at least some of the time, workers ages 65 and older are the least likely to say they do this often. When it comes to their ability to meet deadlines and complete projects on time, most teleworkers say this has been easy for them, with 43% saying this has been very easy and 37% saying it’s been somewhat easy.

2. C2 –Moderately support WFH

While technologies and collaboration tools can ease some of the burdens of remote working, it is also up to the workers themselves to use these tools optimally to solve their communication issues. Balancing one’s professional and personal life when working from home becomes crucial to this equation. Employees can also access time management tools and techniques that will help them manage their workload more effectively and segregate their domestic responsibilities with greater ease. A large number of both seasoned and new remote workers need their employers to resolve these impediments to remote working. Employers need to ensure the availability of such material in order to initiate a smoother remote experience for the employees, which in turn will increase workers’ output and levels of work satisfaction.

remote work statistics before and after covid

This diary of Gallup’s U.S. public opinion research on the coronavirus provides brief summaries of our coronavirus news articles from the beginning of the pandemic through 2023. Three years into a mass workplace experiment, we are beginning to understand more about how work from home is reshaping workers’ lives and the economy. Each of these trends provides valuable insights into the evolving dynamics of remote work. As we continue to adapt to this new work landscape, understanding these trends will be crucial in shaping effective remote work policies and practices. A closer look at the demographics of remote work in 2023 offers fascinating insights into who is embracing this work model and how it’s affecting their livelihoods. While more and more work is getting automated and can be performed remotely, certain activities can hardly be performed off-site.

The highest percentage of remote workers are aged 24 to 35

Other kinds of virtual transactions such as telemedicine, online banking, and streaming entertainment have also taken off. Online doctor consultations through Practo, a telehealth company in India, grew more than tenfold between April and November 2020. These virtual practices remote work statistics may decline somewhat as economies reopen but are likely to continue well above levels seen before the pandemic. The pandemic pushed companies and consumers to rapidly adopt new behaviors that are likely to stick, changing the trajectory of three groups of trends.

89% of remote and hybrid employees say they have the technology needed to perform effectively at their homes. There is a fear among organizations that less in-person, social connection will lead to less collaboration among employees, making it difficult to accomplish team goals. But individuals who collaboratively set clear and meaningful goals will be more intrinsically motivated to carry out those goals.

Remote Work Statistics And Trends In 2023

A third say they’d want to work from home some of the time, while just 11% say they’d want to do this rarely or never. Some 46% of those who rarely or never teleworked before the coronavirus outbreak say they’d want to work from home all or most of the time when the pandemic is over. For many who are working from home, online communication tools have become a vital part of the workday. Roughly eight-in-ten adults who are working from home all or most of the time (81%) say they use video calling or online conferencing services like Zoom or WebEx to keep in touch with co-workers, with 59% saying they often use these types of services.

remote work statistics before and after covid

The research from this report was derived from the Best Places to Work contest—powered by Quantum Workplace. This nationwide contest measures the employee experience of over 1 million voices across thousands of the most successful organizations in the United States. From this respondent pool, we conduct an opt-in, independent research panel with over 32,000 individuals who share their workplace experiences.

Encourage employees to prioritize a healthy work-life balance to drive the best results. Overall, about a quarter (23%) of workers who are in the same job say they are less satisfied with their job compared with before the coronavirus outbreak, while 13% say they are now more satisfied. On each of these, smaller shares note an improvement in the way things are going compared with before the coronavirus outbreak.

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